Ernie C. Ernst (Brandy Lynn Hathaway) moved to Austin, TX in 2000 with long time artistic collaborator and partner in crime Chris Huber (Ciccialina, The After School Special.)  She used her connections (as a first rate beer wench) at the newly opened Opal Divine's Freehouse to meet and perform with fellow singer / songwriters Walter TragertJennifer Ellen CookGretagooHilary YorkRice MooreheadKarla Manzur, Suzanna Choffel, and many more - bouncing around song swaps, opening for friends, and anxiously awaiting the call from the stage to set in with some of her favorite bands

Ernie released her debut album, A Jester's Life, with producer / collaborator Britton Beisenherz (Ramble Creek StudioMonahansMilton Mapes) in 2002, with Beisenherz playing most of the instruments along with John Scully behind the drums, and a number of guest appearances, including Dave Brittman (Gallapagos,) Steven Collins (Deadman,) Christopher Forshage (Larry, Grass,) Warren Hood and Matt Sleusher (South Austin Jug Band,) John Pointer, Tim Gibbons, and Jess Farr (The Astronaut Suit.) 

Ernie recorded her second release, "rabbit vs. fan," with the ever changing cast of characters known as The Accusers at Ramble Creek, and a collection of demos, scratch tracks, and weird ideas titled "the sketchy bunny e.p." in 2005.

In 2007, she released her fourth album, "A Scattered Little Mess"  -  a collaboration between Ernst and her future husband, Josh Hathaway (Asogurasor, The Astronaut Suit, Oceanic.) 

During her 13 years in Austin, Ernie was in a number of bands and side projects, including the Diamond Smugglers, who performed with Tenacious D during their 2001 tour, and appeared in an episode (S3, E9) of "Veronica Mars" in 2006.

Ernie's vocals also appear on Milton Mapes' critically acclaimed "Westernaire," Brian Rung's "Late for the Show," and "Like You Were Never There" by Austin's Moonlight Towers.

Ernie and Josh moved to Dillon, MT in late 2013 to help run the family business, Countryside RV Park, where they have already turned one of the cabins into a recording studio and jam room.