| 2004

there's no tellin' what i'm gonna do
i've got a 44 magnum and gum on the bottom of my shoe
there's no use in hiding; there's no use in fighting it
there's no use in trying to escape ('cause i will catch you)

i will catch you 'cause i'm faster than i look
i will catch you 'cause i can read you like a book
keep on runnin', see what happens when you're caught
this isn't gonna be as simple as you thought

you've got your duck and cover act down
but i know all the back roads downtown
you think you're sneaking out the back door
but i've been staked out in a crown vic blue ford
keeping tabs on your every move

i will catch you and we'll see who's bigger then
i'll give you a 5 second head start,
you'd better get as far as you can
away from me

'cause when i catch you...