from the sketchy bunny e.p. | 2005

you tell me you can’t sleep at night, anymore
but you can’t open up your eyes for fear of what’s in store
and there is nothing you can say
you’re scared you didn’t do enough today.

and she’s dying, you say
and all you can do is sit and watch
baby, she’s gotta find her own way
or else she’ll always be lost

and i see your heart is overflowing
i watch the spillage trickle to the ground
but baby, that just means that beat-up vessel’s goin';
take comfort in the sound

and just trust. trust.
oh, a little faith’ll do
hush. hush.
i’m here to comfort you

and in your room at night
when the quiet is deafening
know that with morning light
there comes endless possibility

so be still. be still.
give yourself a little rest
take the world down off your shoulder
and take a deep breath

‘cause it is what it is, and it ain’t what it’s not
and you have proven you are tough
you gotta give the love you got
and hope it’s enough

and you just gotta trust. trust.
oh, a little faith’ll do.
hush. hush.
i’m here to comfort you.