from the sketchy bunny e.p. | 2004

so long, see ya, farewell, goodbye
adios, i'm running away
i've got shit to do and shit to talk
and miles to walk
i'm sorry i can't stay

you've seen my face
it's the one that's always blurry going by
and you've heard my voice
it's shrill and kinda high

oh, i'm sorry; didn't see you standing
overwhelmed and empty handed
is there something i can do for you

remember the days of conversation
instead of questions filling empty spaces
well baby, i do

i know this place
it's the one you get lost in;
never found

but i'll find my way
overhead or underground
and baby, you'll see
that someday we'll all be free

i am the frog, i am the king
and in the fog i am walking
i am the fairy tale...