from the album rabbit vs. fan | 2004

so i sit now on your doorstep
a place that's become a little too familiar for me
i am cold and i am hoarse and i am bursting at the seams
i just came here to tell you
this little secret about my heart
i wanted to try and catch you before you faded into the dark
see, you don't know
i've loved you since the moment you appeared
and now you gotta go
and you not knowing how i feel becomes my biggest fear

so here it goes
i've rehearsed it a million times
rearranged the sentences and structure and re-written every line
see, i've resigned
to love you 'til the end of my days
it's just my design
to want the one that's gotta go away

sweet melodrama...
i'm pretty good at it, i guess
i just wanted to get this off my chest