| 2002

we were the king and queen of the boulevard
we laughed like villans and life was not so hard
you were a knight without your armour; i was a damsel to undress
i knew the evils of the world and could not have cared less

thank god for the liberty, bob, and boardner’s and two double beds
one to lay our shit on and one to rest our weary heads
you were my alarm clock in the morning and my lullaby at night
sneaking in the back door, man, we must have looked a sight

for a minute there, life was so sweet i forgot i was myself
and for a minute there, i shed my skin and stepped outside this shell
and put on that shiny crown that i always wanted to wear
and i was content for a minute there

we loved like lions in captivity
we loved so hard we almost broke free
you let me kiss you on a barstool like a little scene in high school
you let me tell you stories, hold your hand, and act a damn fool

for a minute there, i was more still then i have been in years
and for a minute there all the pieces fit and the picture was so clear
like all of the imperfections that look like magic in the glare
and the world just dissapeared for a minute there

we were the king and queen of the boulevard
now i’m just the dutchess of my own backyard
but your hands were touching me this morning
when i dreamt you without warning
imagined you there next to me
my name you were a’calling

for a minute there i almost dialed your number
and asked if i could stay
then i thought about the subtle way you smile
and knew exactly what you’d say
your sad eyes and all of my lies
god, we’d make a perfect pair
i almost convinced myself for a minute there