from the album a jester's life | 2000

i left the bar an hour too late
and one warm beer too many
i searched for the answers at the end of my glass,
but could not find any
and i cried in my car down the interstate
and gripped my steering wheel with white-knuckled fear
i wanted to listen to your poetry,
but all i could hear
was your voice in my head, crying mercy

somebody mentioned a gleam in my eye
as i spoke about you
and i can only imagine the blush of my skin
as i realized it was all true
now i'm bleeding my demons on the bedroom floor
beneath my sweet lover's sleeping eyes
does he hear the torch that i bear beneath my clever disguise,
on my knees in the dark, crying mercy

i've been hiding from me for so long,
i can't remember where i left myself
all of these years, i thought i was so damn strong,
now i'm thinking - man, that was somebody else

well your timing is lousy, but i though you should know,
i'm still glad you reappeared
a familiar equation from a life long ago,
that just doesn't fit here
and i feel like a fool, but i want you to stay
i should turn on my heels, but i can't walk away
it's just too damn bad it turned out this way
and all i can do is laugh at myself and cry mercy