| 2005

the pictures show no detail
of how our nights were spent
the backdrop: a city
that no longer exists

sixty-one days
since you first touched my skin
i had a dream 'bout forever
around day number ten

i've still got your pillow
and i'll hold it tonight
and i will smile and nod
when they ask if i'm alright

and i will bite my tongue
when they say "i told you so"
and i will make my tears wait
until they've turned to go

and i came to believe
that it was all possible
then it hits you from left field
with your eyes on the ball

and things that i never
ever considered before
soon became paradise lost
each time you walked out the door

and my dreams are more vivid
with you in my bed
visions of chapels
on fire in my head

and i was the gasoline
and you were the spark
and the flames were so beautiful
as they danced in the dark

sixty-one days
or a lifetime and a half
can both be measured the same
when your soul meets its match

and i knew i had fallen
when i saw my knees were bruised
i heard destiny calling
and looked up and found you

but i was too proud
to simply take your hand
'cause i am as stubborn as a woman
refusing help to stand

and you could not accept it
and you didn't understand
and you thought i had dismissed you
'cause you're as stubborn as a man

i can't look in the mirror
'cause it's just you staring back
don't know what's harder to remember
the good or the bad

and you are the ocean
i am the rain
sixty-one days
and i will never be the same