| 2005

i was thinking i’d feel better in the morning
but i feel pretty good right now
a sneaking suspicion, then your letter and fair warning
then it all went down

i could never be judge and jury to you baby
i hope someday you’ll do the same for me
yeah, i’m guilty; we’re all guilty for something
may our admission set us free

and this time i’m dead set on doing it right
as hard as that may be to do
‘cause in the end, babe, i just want you to be happy
and you know i want the same for me, too

there’s a lot of turmoil swimming ‘round my head tonight
but i am trying to stay calm and serene
i wish you’d call me so we could come clean and feel better
the suspense is killing me

and it’s always here that i get lost
but i’ll find my way back soon enough
when your heart’s for sale, you ought to know the cost
or else you’d better toughen up

so here we are, and i am doing fine
that is not to say you’re still not on my mind
i’m taking it to heart, but i’m taking it in stride
and i feel better on the inside...